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  • AIMS Commercial Mortgage Fund

The AIMS Commercial Mortgage Fund is an unlisted registered managed investment scheme domiciled in Australia.

The Fund invests in mortgages, money market securities and fixed interest securities in accordance with the provisions of the Fund Constitution.

The objective of the Fund is to provide regular monthly income from a portfolio of loans secured by first registered mortgage over commercial, industrial, retail and residential property and other income producing investments. The Responsible Entity undertakes an assessment of a borrower’s financial capacity to meet its loan obligations as well as a detailed analysis of the value of the property providing the underlying security. All loans are limited to 66% of a valuation of the security property by an independent qualified valuer.

Investment Approach

The investment approach is to invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of loans in Australia, secured by registered first mortgages with some exposure to fixed interest and floating rate securities including mortgage backed securities, bills of exchange and negotiable instruments with a maturity of less than 185 days and deposits with banks and other financial institutions.

Our loan selection criteria is based on risk management and credit assessment guidelines. The mortgage portfolio is diversified across a number of areas and aims to achieve diversification both geographic and by property type. Loans will only be advanced against income producing commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties to a maximum loan to value ratio of 66% of a valuation amount from an approved independent licensed valuer. The Fund invests in properties located within most capital cities and specific major regional centres of Australia.

AIMS undertakes a comprehensive assessment of a borrower's financial capacity to meet its loan obligations, as well as a detailed analysis of the value of the property, which is the underlying security. Please refer to the Valuation Policy for more details.

Notice to Investors and Financial Planners

Investors are advised that withdrawals from the AIMS Commercial Mortgage Fund are available as follows:

Withdrawal Offers

  • Investors are advised that withdrawal offers from the Fund have now been changed from Quarterly to Half Yearly.
  • Investors will be provided with Withdrawal Offers for the Fund in our distribution letters each March and September Commencing March 2020.
  • The terms and  conditions for Withdrawal Offers are made in accordance with the requirements of the Corporation Act for non-liquid investment schemes.

Hardship Withdrawal facility
  • Investors experiencing financial hardship can apply for additional access to their investment if they meet the eligible criteria approved by ASIC. To apply for this facility or for further information please contact our Client Services area on 1300 655 197. Hardship withdrawal application form is also available on the link below.

The AIMS Commercial Mortgage Fund is closed for applications from new and existing unitholders, until further notice.

Further Information