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AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)
Last: 1.525 | Bid: 1.52 | Offer: 1.62
Last: 1.26 | Bid: 1.26 | Offer: 1.27
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AIMS Funds Management Group Listed Fund Forms

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AIMS Funds Management Group Unlisted Fund Forms

Additional Investment Form (TOP UP)

If you are wishing to make additional investments into the MacarthurCook Mortgage Fund, please complete this form, sign and attach a cheque (both signatures if joint holding) for us to process consistent with your request. New investors will need to complete a Product Disclosure Statement for this Fund.

  Additonal Investment Form

Change of Address Details Form

If you are changing your address and/or contact details, we must be given signed notification for security reasons. Please complete this form and return in order for us to update our records.

  Change of Address Details Form

Change of Bank Account details for Distributions Form

If you want to change the details of the bank account that your distribution payments are being credited to, the completion of this form allows us to securely update our records for all future payments.

  Change of Bank Account Details for Distributions Form

Change of Distribution Method Form

If you wish to change your distribution method between a cash distribution and a reinvestment plan, we require the attached form completed which will allow us to securely update our records for all future payments.

  Change of Distribution Method Form

Change of Adviser Details Form

If you change your financial advisor, or your current financial advisor changes their details, please complete this form so we can update our records.

  Change of Adviser Details Form

AIMS Funds Management Group Transfer Form

A transfer form is required if you wish to change the holder of your investment with a AIMS fund. In order to transfer please complete the attached form.

  Unlisted Fund Unit Transfer Form